Color by Property

Using color by property, you can color the instances in the 3D viewer in respect to the values assigned to a desired property. To access the color by property feature, open the "Color By Property" panel using the paintbrush icon in the toolbar on the right side of the screen.


After opening the "Color by Property" panel, you need to toggle on the option "Color objects by values of the property".


1. Color objects by values of the property is a toggle switch which allows you to activate or deactivate the color by property feature.

2. The Property selector identifies the model property used to color the instances in the 3D viewer.

3. The Color legend identifies the color assigned to each value of the property.

4. Manage colors for property allows you to customize each color assigned to the property values.


You may click on any of the colors assigned to a value and use the color picker to customize the assigned color.


1. Colors for property values will apply across the project for every view.

2. Color override is not available for the projects created after the release of the color by property.

3. If you need to access color overrides in your older projects (color overrides that you have assigned to instances prior to the release of the color by property feature), you need to choose "Color Overrides" in the property selector. Please click here to learn more about retrieving color overrides for your older projects.

4. The color override toggle switch is removed from the 3D viewer and the sheet viewer after the release of the color by property feature.

5. The color assigned to each instance also shows up next to the related item in the inventory and it may be exported to Excel.


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