I cannot see color overrides in Assemble anymore

"Color Override" is not supported anymore for the models published after October 29th, 2017. "Color Override" is replaced by the new feature "Color by Property". Please click here to learn more about Color by Property.

However, if you have assigned "Color Overrides" to your models published prior to that date, you can still access the color overrides for your models. For those models, "Color Overrides" performs as one of the properties that can be selected from the property selector in the "Color by Property" panel. In order to access color overrides please follow the steps below:

1. Open up the "Color by Property" panel on the right side of the screen.


2. Toggle on the option "Color objects by values of the property".

3. Click on the drop-down list (property selector) and select "Color Overrides".


As you can see in the image above, all of the values previously assigned to "Color Override" will show up in the 3D viewer and all of the objects without any color overrides show up in white color.

4. If you wish to change the value of color override for an instance, you need to close the "Color by Property" panel, choose the desired instance and open up the "Properties" panel.


You can still change the value of the field "Color Override", if it exists in your project.


Updating the value of "Color Override" automatically updates the values in the "Color by Property" panel.


1. The "Color Override" Toggle Switch has been completely removed from the 3D viewer and sheets viewer.

2. The "Color Override" feature is not supported for the projects created after October 29th, 2017.

If you have any questions about "Color Overrides" and "Color by Property", please contact

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