Release Notes for December 19, 2017

Assemble Systems will have a brief outage between 8:00 PM and midnight CST, on the evening of Tuesday, December 19th, 2017. During this time, your Assemble site may be offline temporarily. Updating your add-in is not required in this release. You can download the latest version of the add-in here.


We are excited to announce the release of the Assemble Point Cloud. It allows the users to compare the scanned point cloud data to the design and construction data for an improved QA/QC workflow. New Assemble integration allows your company to categorize large laser scanning data, align 3D model, create deviation and clash reports for CAD objects and point cloud files and view the reports in Assemble.


If you are interested in more infomation about Assemble Point Cloud, please contact


We have added another permission level to our administration panel for each project. Now, you can assign users to the following permission levels:

Read-Only users can access views, but they do not have the permission to edit data in Assemble.

Note: We have changed the name of previously called "Team Member" to "Contributor".


Ignored Categories Behavior Change

We have made some changes to how the ignored categories are made visible in Assemble. Previously, unchecking an ignored category and updating the visibility settings would make the category available in the model tree for selection, but still kept the items hidden by creating a hide rule for that category in each model. Now, hide rules will no longer be created and any objects for the previously ignored category will be visible immediately upon updating the visibility settings.

Improvements in Color by Property feature

In this release, we have improved the performance of Color by Property feature.

Improvements in working with AutoCAD models

Changes and improvements have been made to hiding instances from AutoCAD models in Assemble.

Power BI Integration Updates

We have some maintenance performed on the Power BI integration and an updated version is being released. The 1000 property limit is removed in this version.


If you have any questions regarding the release, please feel free to contact

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