Release Notes for June 2017

2D SmartSheets are here!!


Assemble Systems will be issuing an upgrade of the Assemble add-in with this release on June 2017.

Users will need to update the add-in to be able to publish to Assemble. To directly download the add-in, please click here.

Revit 2D SmartSheets

Now you are able to publish 2D sheets from your Revit file to Assemble, view the sheets alongside your 3D models, and dynamically connect 2D SmartSheets to 3D model and Project Inventory.

Please reach out to Assemble Support team to learn more about Revit 2D SmartSheets in Assemble.

Upgraded 3D Viewer

In the new release, we have upgraded Assemble's 3D viewer. Now you can load bigger models faster in Assemble. The new viewer has got enhanced renderings, smoother movements and lots of new features, like:

Sectioning Tools:

Now you are able to create clipping planes to section the model in X, Y, and Z directions.

Exploded Views:

You can view the objects in the 3D viewer in Exploded Mode which helps you in understanding the complexity of construction details in the project.

 Double-Click Zoom

You can now zoom into an object by double-clicking on a selected objects.

To learn more about Assemble new viewer, please reach out to Assemble Support team.

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