Publishing to Assemble: Model vs. Version

The models published to Assemble, for any given project, tend to be categorized as the Architectural model, Structural Engineering model, and Mechanical model. However, the ability to define the models published to Assemble are at the sole discretion of the user. Additionally, within any given project, a user may choose to publish only one model to Assemble, or may publish a separate model for each discipline (Architecture, MEP, Structure, etc.).

Models published to Assemble can contain several versions of that model discipline, and can be named at the discretion of the user. A version is typically named based on the stage of construction (Proposal, 50% DD, 100% CD, etc.) or by the date of the model (Year_Month_Day). 

Multiple versions of the model discipline can be compared against each to determine variances, whereas different model disciplines cannot be compared to each other when published to Assemble as separate models.

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