Different detail levels in Navisworks.

Assemble now allows the user to drill down past the type of element to each instance of the element. The exported Navisworks search sets are also arranged so the user can easily find single instances or multiple items across different categories.  To generate the Navisworks search sets below I grouped by Level, Category Name, and Type Name.




If I select LEVEL 1 Navisworks highlights all items that are part of level 1 of this model. 




If I expand out LEVEL 1 I can see the different categories that are associated with that level. I chose to select doors next. We can see the selection in Navisworks.




With doors expanded out we can see the different types of door that exist.  36"x96" has been select and we can view these items in assemble.




If I expand out 36"x96" I can see the different families associated with that type. With C1020_A_Sgl Flush_AL : 36" x 96" selected we can see all of the doors involved with this family.




If I expand out one last time I can see all of the instances that are involved with that family. I can select a specific instance to view it in Navisworks. I can now use this instance ID to check out more information about this door in Assemble. 



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