Trouble Establishing a Connection with the Assemble Add-in

When the installation of the Assemble Publisher Add-in completes successfully but you are unable to successfully connect to the Assemble server location, verify the server address and user credentials.

To troubleshoot the connection issue

1.  Verify the fields in the Configure Connections window. 

    • Assemble Server: Enter the prefix that represents your company's site. For example, if your Assemble site address is, you would enter agchouston for the server name.
      • If you receive the error message "Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel with authority 'api-your assemble site address try adjusting the server name to read https://api-your assemble site address. For example, the Houston branch of The Associated General Contractors of America would enter
    • Email: Enter the email address you use to log in to Assemble.
    • Password: Enter the password you use to log in to Assemble.


2.  Verify the user account is active in Assemble.

    • To reactivate a user, access the Administration tab in Assemble and then click Activate next to the user's name.
    • Assemble displays a message that the account has been reactivated and reinstates the record.

3.  Verify that the version number of the Assemble Add-in works with the version of Assemble you are using. For example, Add-in version 2.0.2430 works with Assemble web version 2.0.2430.

    • Select the Assemble tab from within your Autodesk application. 
    • Click the "About" button to obtain the version info for the Add-in. 


    • In the Assemble web application, click the About button from the drop-down gear icon in the top-right corner of the Project Dashboard




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