When clicking on Assemble search sets in Navisworks, nothing is highlighted on the model.

When you click on a search set item, either from the Sets window Selection Tree window, the search set should display a highlighted item(s) in your model view.

There are several possible reasons that Navisworks does not highlight anything in the model.

  1. Make sure the model and version of the NWC match the model and version of the project you were using in Assemble when creating the search sets. If the Revit ID (or Element ID) exists as an instance in the search set list but does not exist in the model, you may be looking at a different model in Navisworks.
  2. Verify how the NWC was created from Revit. When exporting to NWC, check your Navisworks settings. Did you export the Entire project, Current view, or Selection?
  3. Verify the Visibility/Graphics settings for the item(s) in the Revit model. What was visible when exporting to NWC? Remember, Assemble is not view-specific, and will publish all data from the Revit model, regardless of what is visible. Navisworks is view-specific and will export only items visible in the view you are exporting from, depending on your Navisworks settings.
  4. Some instances, such as curtain walls, can be queried in the Revit model, but when exporting to NWC, Revit gives an error of "No suitable geometry found." These instances, are really hosts to other instances where their geometries have been usurped. However, other elements may be nested to them, such as a door nested in a curtain wall, which do have geometry. Your search set of the curtain wall may then only identify a door when looking at the model in Navisworks. Since there is data (properties and parameters) associated with these curtain walls, which do exist in the Revit model but do not have any geometry, the curtain walls will be published to Assemble. However, because there is not geometry, the curtain walls will not exist in the NWC.
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