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1.  Get the Add-in provides a shortcut to the latest Assemble add-in for Revit, AutoCAD, and Civil 3D. The Add-in is required to publish model data from your desktop application to the web, and to sync edits in Assemble back to your Revit model.

2.  Admin link provides access to the Administration Dashboard, where Assemble administrators can add and manage users. Users without Assemble administrative rights will not see an Admin tab.

3.  Profile icon provides access to your User Profile, which allows individual users the option to change the log-in password, email, and email notification settings.

4.  Help icon provides links to our Getting Started tutorial, our knowledge and support articles, and a quick link to open a support ticket for feature requests, questions, or issues.

5.  Create a project card allows users to designate a "folder" or "location" for future models to be published. Once the project card is created, administrators can add Project Administrators and Team Members to the project.


6.  Project cards store models published to Assemble and user-created Views. Project Settings can be managed by selecting a project card.

7.  Sort allows each user the ability to sort projects by project name or order of project creation (Newest first, Oldest first).

8.  Archived Projects allows access to all projects that have been archived, which provides users with the option to unarchive or delete projects. To learn more about Archived Projects, click here.

9. Archive allow users to move inactive projects to a saved location without counting against the "active projects" license. Additionally, to delete a project and all of its data, the project needs to first be archived. 

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