User Permissions

Your Assemble user account is categorized as a Assemble Administrator, Project Administrator, or Team Member.

  • Only Assemble Administrators can create and delete projects.
  • Project Administrators can modify project information, as well as add and remove Team Members from a project.
  • Team Members have access to current and archived projects to which they are specifically assigned.
  • A user can have Team Member privileges on one project and Project Administrator privileges on another.

The following matrix demonstrates the functions that are available to each role:

Task Assemble Admin   Project Admin   Team Member
Create Project X    
Publish Models X X  X
Edit Project Properties X X  
Edit Model/Version Details  X X X
Archive Project X X  
Delete Project X    
Delete Project Models X X X
Delete Project Model Versions  X X X
Add/Remove Project Members X X  
Change Project Member Status   X X  
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