Using the Administration Dashboard

The Administration dashboard lets Assemble administrators create and manage user accounts and configure email settings in the system. The Administrator dashboard also provides access to the licensing area where an Assemble administrator can apply a subscription serial number (for on-site installations only). Only users with administrative privileges have access to this dashboard.


Managing User Accounts

The Users page lists all of the user profiles that have been created in Assemble. Each user record displays the user's name, email address, whether the user is an Administrator, and when the user last logged in to Assemble. On the Users page, you can create a new user, make a user an Administrator, deactivate users, and reactivate users.

To learn more about Working with User Profiles for Administrators, click here.


Viewing the Assemble License

The Licensing page will show the license Expiration, number of Licensed Users permitted, number of Licensed Projects permitted, and the License Type



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