What Is Publishing?

Publishing model information is easy with the Assemble Add-in. The Assemble Add-in can be found at

The add-in extracts data such as built-in parameters, custom parameters, and geometry (in Autodesk Revit) and publishes that information to Assemble for analysis, management, and verification. To learn more about the objects, quantities, and geometry published, click here.

When you are ready to publish your model data, the Assemble Add-in sends all of your model information directly to Assemble. A project can contain multiple models and models can have multiple versions.

Autodesk Revit

When publishing models from Revit, the Assemble Add-in publishes shared parameters, project parameters, custom user parameters, and geometric data to Assemble.

The Assemble Add-in publishes elements from your main model, including elements that are not visible in your current view or which have been turned off in the Visibility/Graphics window.

Assemble also allows the user to publish multiple primary design options. The design options can be published as versions of a model for cost comparisons or inventory comparisons. To publish multiple design options, identify the design option to publish, and click the Make Primary button in Revit. Then, use the Assemble Publisher Add-in to publish the model to Assemble. Repeat the process with each design option to be published.

To learn more about Publishing Projects and Models to Assemble, click here.

Autodesk AutoCAD and Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D

When publishing models from AutoCAD, the Assemble Add-in publishes the properties of multi-view parts (MVP), the properties of many 3rd party objects, and block attributes. 

Assemble will also publish your main model and any attached references (xrefs). If you do not want the quantities from the external references included in your Assemble inventory, uncheck the check box in the publishing wizard for models that you do not want to publish.

Intergraph CADWorx

Intergraph CADWorx Plant Design Suite is an integrated, complete AutoCAD and BricsCAD based software series for plant design that provides intelligent drawing and database connectivity, advanced levels of automation, and easy-to-use drafting tools. The Assemble integration is an unprecedented partnership that brings the intelligence of your CADWorx deliverables into our cloud-based environment for collaboration in areas such as quality checks, design review, and other pre-and post-construction phase processes; all without the aid of a CAD platform. The CADWorx integration gives you and your team the ability to create workflows that increase efficiency and allow you to deliver the most accurate 3D deliverable to your client, all from the cloud-based environment that is Assemble.  


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