Orthographic Mode in the Viewer

Note: Orthographic mode does not support walk mode.

To toggle Orthographic mode

To toggle from Perspective mode to Orthographic mode, press [O](letter, not number zero). Orthographic mode offers plan, ceiling, and elevation views of your model. While in Orthographic mode, the Assemble Model Viewer displays "Orthographic" in the top-left corner of the Viewer window. In both Perspective and Orthographic modes, use of the keyboard shortcuts (0-9) will be briefly display text over the model to indicate which viewpoint you have selected.


    • To see a floor plan (top) of the model while in Orthographic mode, press [5].
    • To see a ceiling plan (bottom) of the model while in Orthographic mode, press [0] (number zero).
    • To see elevation views of the model while in Orthographic mode:
      • Press [4] for left elevation.
      • Press [6] for right elevation. 
      • Press [2] for front elevation.
      • Press [8] for back elevation.
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