Selecting Objects in the Viewer

Selecting objects


There are multiple options to highlight objects in the Model Viewer; select a check box in the Grid or left-click on a visible item in the Viewer window.

  • Selecting an object or objects in the Model Tree with highlight objects in both the Grid and the Viewer.
  • Selecting a check box in the grid will automatically highlight the object(s) in the model view.
  • Selecting an object in the model view will result in the corresponding element in the Grid to be selected.
    • As you select an object in the Model Viewer, the Grid will automatically jump, or scroll, to the selected instance.
    • When multiple items are selected in the Viewer using Ctrl+click, the Grid will scroll to each instance as it is clicked in the Viewer.
    • When using the right-click menu to Select all... the Grid will expand to the instance level for all instances of the chosen type. 

Objects selected in the Model Viewer are highlighted in blue.

Multi-selecting objects

There are several options to multi-select objects in the Viewer.

  • Use the right-click mouse button to drag the selection box from lower-right to top-left to select all objects touched by the selection box.
  • Use the right-click mouse button to drag the selection box from top-left to lower-right to select all objects fully contained within the selection box.
  • Hold the Ctrl button while selecting the desired objects in the Viewer.
  • In the Viewer, use the right-click menu to select all instances of a type or an entire category.
  • Select check boxes in the Grid. 
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