Keyboard Controls for the Model Viewer and Grid

The full list of controls can be accessed by using the Settings gear icon from the top-right corner of the Assemble web page.



Keyboard controls for walk mode in the Model Viewer


W : walk forward

S : walk backward

A : walk left

D : walk right


SHIFT + : run forward

SHIFT + S : run backward


R : look up

F : look down


LEFT ARROW : slide left

RIGHT ARROW : slide right

UP ARROW : slide up

DOWN ARROW : slide down


CTRL + LEFT ARROW : rotate (orbit) model left

CTRL + RIGHT ARROW : rotate (orbit) model right

CTRL + UP ARROW : rotate (orbit) model down

CTRL + DOWN ARROW : rotate (orbit) model down


SHIFT + PLUS KEY : increase field of view

SHIFT + MINUS KEY : decrease field of view

Shortcut keys for Model Viewer controls

CTRL + S : Save a screenshot of the Viewer in JPG format.

: Toggle X-Ray Mode : Toggles the view of the model between X-ray (transparent) mode and an opaque state.

: Toggle Ghost Mode : Ghost mode allows filtered out objects to be visible in the model, but not visible in the Grid and not selectable. After applying filters you can choose to see the remaining visible objects either free-standing (Ghost mode off) or prominently displayed with the rest of the model visible, but "grayed out" (Ghost mode on). Ghosted objects can only be selected by deleting the filter that suppresses them.

: Toggle Orthographic Mode : Orthographic Mode offers a plan view or elevation view of your model. While in Orthographic Mode, the Assemble Model Viewer displays "Orthographic" in the top-left corner of the Viewer window.

T : Toggle Color Overrides : Toggles between visualizing and ignoring color overrides applied to the model.

PLUS KEY : Zoom In.

MINUS KEY : Zoom Out.

Z : Zoom Extents : Zoom out to reveal the full extents of your model.

SHIFT + Z : Zoom out to reveal the full extents of your model. Hold shift to zoom to your selection.

H : Go To Home Viewpoint : Return to the original starting viewpoint of your model.

0-7 : Change Viewpoint : Switches camera angles in the viewer.

Shortcut keys for Grid controls

M : Show/Hide Left Sidebar

I : Show/Hide Details

: Add/Remove Columns

B : Edit Group By

(or comma) : Collapse the Grid

> (or period) : Expand the Grid

ESC : Unselect All : Unselect all checked rows in the grid.



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