Objects, Quantities, and Geometry Published to Assemble

Geometry Published from Revit

The limitations to the geometry published from Revit, and therefore not visible in the Model Viewer, include:

    • Area objects.
    • Cable Tray Runs : Category does not exist in Revit.
    • Conduit runs : Category does not exist in Revit.
    • Curbs : Category does not exist in Revit.
    • Elements from linked models.
    • Occasionally detail items or generic models : 2D objects.
    • Structural re-bar : 2D lines.
    • Two-dimensional objects (such as lines).
    • Wires : 2D lines.

Quantities Calculated Beyond Revit

Assemble calculates certain quantities outside of what is offered by Revit, based on customer demand. To see the full list of quantities calculated by Assemble, click here.



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