Release Notes for June 20, 2013 Upgrade

Assemble Systems will be performing an upgrade of Assemble on Thursday, June 20th, from 8:00 PM-1:00 AM CDT. During this time frame, the Assemble web applications will be unavailable. 

Users will not be required to update your add-in, and therefore do not need to take any action before, during, or after this upgrade.

The upgrade will address performance issues and bugs that have been brought to our attention.

Customer-specific publishing errors and customer-specific Assemble site errors will receive additional notification addressing their specific issue.


Performance and Bug Issues

1.  Performance of the Model Viewer, in regards to the time that it takes to load, has been significantly improved. Models that previously took 3 minutes to load in the Viewer are now taking around 20 seconds to load. You do not need to republish models to see this improvement.

2.  The Group By drop-down list appeared behind by the Model Viewer when the list contained many Group By names and when the Model Viewer was in the Horizontal position. The drop-down list has now been properly moved to the front of both the Grid and the Viewer.

group_by_before.jpg group_by_after.jpg


3.  The amount of line items (rows) allowed in an Assembly Code file for import into Assemble has been increased from 5,500 rows to over 60,000 rows!  Any user exporting their estimating cost database for import into Assemble should now feel confident that your entire database of items, regardless of the type of assembly code you use, will be imported into Assemble.

4.  Type Names that are edited using Assemble's edit pane will see the Type Name updated in the Grid without having to refresh the page.


5.   Previously, using a parameter with the hash symbol (#) in the Group By hierarchy caused the properties to be missing when trying to edit that particular Group By. This bug has been fixed and the hash symbol (#) no longer causes bad behavior with the Group By tool.

6.  Filter bugs involving (blank) data, in regards to IS, IS NOT, LIKE, and NOT LIKE operators have been address and fixed.


If you have any questions regarding these fixes or would like to check on the status of any submitted request, please contact Assemble Systems Customer Support at or by phone at (855) 646-4868 Ext. 2.

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