Release Notes for Aug. 15, 2013 Upgrade

Assemble Systems will be performing an upgrade of Assemble on Thursday, August 15th, from 8:00 PM-2:00 AM CDT. During this time frame, the Assemble web application will be unavailable. 

Users will be required to update the add-in for Revit and AutoCAD. To download and install the new Publisher Add-in, please click here.

The upgrade will address performance issues and bugs that have been brought to our attention.

Customer-specific publishing errors and customer-specific Assemble site errors will receive additional notification addressing their specific issue. 

Performance Issues and Bugs Addressed

Issue: Filtering from the Model Viewer causes the Grid to get stuck in "Loading" mode.

Bug Identified: When filtering all instances of a Type, when the quotation symbol (") is in the Type Name, produces a error specific only to the Model Viewer.

Resolution: Fixed.



Issue: The text pick-list value of a parameter in Revit shows a numerical value in Assemble.

Bug Identified: Revit's API does not reveal the string value of pick-list parameter, but instead assigns a numerical value to each option (0,1,2, etc.).

Resolution: Enumeration mapping added for known parameters in Revit.



Issue: Cannot apply a filter where Unit Cost is null.

Bug Identified: Numerical parameters that have a null value are identified as blank ( ) instead of zero (0), and therefore numerical operators will not apply.

Resolution: Added additional numerical operators for all numerical parameters; is blank and is not blank. Additionally, Assemble identifies Unit Cost and Total Cost as null or as a number, instead of defaulting null values to zero (0).



Issue: Unable to access model version after saving a custom view with many filters.

Bug Identified: 4000 character limit identified when using filters.

Resolution: Fixed.


Issue: Elements in the Assemble Grid are missing some dimensional parameters, such as length or width.

Bug Identified: Default and custom parameters can have the same name, with a variation of capitalization, such as Length, LENGTH, and length. Assemble needs to recognize each as its own unique parameter.

Resolution: Assemble handles parameter names as case-sensitive. For example, if a column has a default parameter of Length, while a lighting fixture has a parameter of LENGTH, and a shower stall has a parameter of length, 3 length columns will be available in Assemble (Length, LENGTH, and length). 



Issue: Quantities are not rounding up properly.

Bug Identified: Default and custom parameters can have the same name, but contain various parameter value types, such as integers, text, or currency. When text values and numerical values are combined into the same parameter "column", all values were treated as text values.

Resolution: Assemble will handle parameter names as their own unique values, whether default or custom.



Issue: Publishing error with a message of "Exceeds the maximum allowable table row size of 8060 bytes".

Bug Identified: The model exceeds the maximum allowable table row size of 8060 bytes.

Resolution: Assemble has improved the size of the Grid to support large amounts of types and instances.


Issue: Publishing error with a message of "CREATE TABLE failed because column ‘NET’ in table ‘Data’ exceeds the maximum of 1024 columns".

Bug Identified: The model exceeds the maximum of 1024 columns, relating to the amount of parameters used per element. This bug has typically appeared in mechanical model with a vast amount of parametric data.

Resolution: Assemble has improved the size of the Grid to support large amounts of parameter data.


Issue: A saved view with a filter utilizing Imperial measurements does not convert properly when the project is changed to Metric.

Bug Identified: Filters for numeric values not converting back to base units when in metric mode.

Resolution: Fixed.



Issue: After manually entering a zero value for a Unit Cost in the Edit pane and then saving, a Success message is displayed and the pane display will show the value as "0.00". However, if I leave that item and then return to it's edit pane, the Unit Cost value has returned to the default state of "Edit Unit Cost" link.

Bug Identified: Zero (0) is being saved as an empty string and then translated to null.

Resolution: Unit Cost and Total Cost are treated as null or as a number, instead of defaulting a zero (0) to a null.


Issue: When switching from Imperial to Metric after unit costs are applied, the Unit Cost and Total Cost fields are not updated to reflect the Metric unit of measure.

Bug Identified: The conversion for the total cost calculation in the edit/details pane is not functioning properly.

Resolution: Fixed.




If you have any questions regarding these fixes or would like to check on the status of any submitted request, please contact Assemble Systems Customer Support at or by phone at (855) 646-4868 Ext. 2.

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