Release Notes for Sept. 12, 2013 Upgrade

Assemble Systems will be performing an upgrade of Assemble on Thursday, September 12th, from 8:00 PM-2:00 AM CDT. During this time frame, the Assemble web application will be unavailable. 

Users will not be required to update the add-in for Revit and AutoCAD. 

The upgrade will include expanded capabilities and address bugs that have been brought to our attention.

Enhancements Added

Easier Type Property Editing

 Type Properties can now be viewed and edited at any time, regardless of the grouping order or what is selected in the Grid. To learn more about Editing Model Data, click here.

Example:  If you edit the properties of a type of ceiling found on Level 1 of your model, the properties will also be edited for the same type of ceiling found on Level 2 of your model.



Redesigned Details Pane

Assemble has re-designed the Details Pane (a.k.a. Edit window) to accommodate how type properties are handled and edited. To learn more about Editing Model Data, click here.

Note: Changes to type properties will affect all instances of the Type, including instances which may not be visible in your current view. If multiple types are selected, changes will affect all instances of the selected types.

Additionally, URLs that are stored in Assemble can now be followed to their designated locations.



Rooms, Spaces, and Detail Items Filtered by Default

    • Rooms, Spaces, and Detail Items are automatically filtered out of the Grid. To have these quantities available in the Grid, delete the default filter for the category you wish to see. To learn more about Working with Filters, click here.
    • Detail Items are automatically filtered out of the Model Viewer. To have Detail Item quantities available in the Model Viewer, delete the default filter for Detail Items. To learn more about Working with Filters, click here.
    • The geometry for Rooms and Spaces, which was previously represented by a large gray box, is no longer published geometries for the Model Viewer. To learn more about Quantities and Geometry Published to Assemble, click here. If you would like to have Room and/or Space geometry available for the Model Viewer, please contact Assemble Systems Customer Support.




About Link

Improved About link in Assemble web application. To learn more about locating the version numbers for Assemble, click here.


Faster Download for the Model Viewer

Improvement relating to how the Model Viewer processes data, and recreates the model in the Model Viewer. You should see models render faster in the Model Viewer. Additionally, memory and time-out issues are likely to be resolved with this improvement.


Performance Issues and Bugs Addressed

Issue:  The calculated Estimated Reinforcement Weight for rebar is blank. The formula referenced the property of "Estimated Reinforcement Volume" which is not a property associated with rebar. Rebar has a Reinforcement Volume property.

Resolution:  Formula modified to Reinforcement Volume x 6.615 = Estimated Reinforcement Weight to provide weight in tons.


Issue:  The Required LOD column appears as the last column in the Grid regardless of it's position in the Add/Remove Columns dialogue window.

Resolution:  The Assemble proprietary field, which is available when a custom assembly code file containing the field is uploaded to Assemble, can be positioned anywhere after the default unit of measure column.


Issue:  Required LOD column missing from Excel export and custom assembly code tree export.

Resolution:  Required LOD column is available in all Excel exports.


Issue:  Revit Family type "Louvered Vent Windows" is not being published to Assemble.

Resolution: Louvered Vent Windows are visible in the Grid and Model Viewer. Any models previously published with Louvered Vent Windows will need to be republished to have parametric and geometric information available.


Issue: Right-click menu in Viewer is hidden behind the Grid.

Resolution: The right-click menu in the Viewer will appear in front of the Grid, whenever space is limited for both the right-click menu and Grid.

right-click_window_before.jpg  right-click_window_after.jpg


Issue:  IFC files, published from Revit, are producing an error.

Resolution:  IFC files can be published from Revit. Quantities in Assemble are limited to the parametric data available for the objects in Revit.


Issue:  Error messages received when publishing from Revit, concerning an "invalid character" and/or an "unclosed literal string".

Resolution:  Added better encoding/decoding of property names.


Issue:  Error produced when grouping by a property, and then editing that particular property in the Details pane. Refreshing the page would fix the problem.

Resolution:  Improvement of how type properties are edited and displayed in Assemble.


If you have any questions regarding these fixes or would like to check on the status of any submitted request, please contact Assemble Systems Customer Support at or by phone at (855) 646-4868 Ext. 2.

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