Release Notes for October 3, 2013 Upgrade

This release will include Assemble's Unified Log-in feature, which lays a path for future enhancements within the product, including more advanced collaboration and notifications from within Assemble.

Unified Log-in 

1.  Unified Log-in allows users to be added to multiple Assemble sites without having multiple passwords. If a user is added to multiple Assemble sites with publishing permissions, multiple server accounts will need to be created in the Revit add-in. 

2.  Unified Log-in affects how users are created and managed in Assemble (please refer to Working with User Profiles). Important Note: User passwords can only be reset either by the user from within Assemble, or by Assemble Systems Customer Support ( An Administrator user in Assemble cannot reset another user's password.

Bugs Fixed

1.  Drop-down window for 2nd version in Compare to link is too narrow to see file names.

2.  If you open an AutoCAD model the viewer opens and tries to render.  Which it can't.  So you end up with a black box onscreen taking up half of the grid. 


We are aware of a few bugs that will be shipped with this release. 

New Bugs

1.  We broke the "Update" capability for Saved Views. To make a change to a Saved View, you'll need to save it under a new name.

2.  Setting a color override option in the Edit pane while in the Popped Out Viewer mode produces error message and a stuck "Loading" message.

3.  When viewing one version of the model in Popped Out Viewer mode, and then switching versions, the Viewer appears to have immediately reloaded the model, but it does not actually reload the alternate model until a moment after the Grid finishes loading.

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