Release Notes for October 17, 2013 Upgrade

This release will include Assemble's Unified Log-in feature, which lays a path for future enhancements within the product, including more advanced collaboration and notifications from within Assemble.

Enhancements Added

Unified Log-in 

1.  Unified Log-in allows users to be added to multiple Assemble sites without having multiple user accounts (and in turn, passwords). If a user is added to multiple Assemble sites with publishing permissions, multiple server accounts will need to be created in the Revit add-in. 


2.  Unified Log-in affects how users are created and managed in Assemble (please refer to Working with User Profiles). 

Important Note: User passwords can only be reset either by the user from within Assemble, or by Assemble Systems Customer Support ( An Administrator user in Assemble cannot reset another user's password.

Tolerant summation in the Grid

The Assemble Grid will sum the source quantity (default quantity and UOM) of selected line items as long as the unit of measure for the source parameter is the same.

For example, the width of one casework type with 6 LF can be summed with the custom length of another casework type with 21.18 LF, as long as linear feet (LF) is being measured.


Bugs Fixed

1.  Drop-down window for 2nd version in Compare to link is too narrow to see file names.

2.  If you open an AutoCAD model the viewer opens and tries to render.  Which it can't.  So you end up with a black box onscreen taking up half of the grid. 

3.  Model Viewer loading issues with Firefox browser.

4.  Unit Cost and Total Cost were not always available in filters. This has been fixed.

5.  Elements set as transparent in Revit and published to Assemble were previously not visible except in X-ray mode. Now, transparent elements will still be "invisible" in opaque mode, but a color override can be applied to the elements to make them visible at all times. Alternatively, the transparency rule applied in Revit can be turned off before publishing the model.


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