Assemble 1.5: New Features!

Select AutoCAD Publishing

Did you know select AutoCAD files contain latent project information? Our developers have cracked the code to extracting meaningful project information from within AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD MEP project files. This new update increases the amount of information now available at your fingertips.

Expanding the amount of data so you can make model-based decisions, we have expanded our extraction functionality.

To learn more about Publishing Your Models, click here.

Guided Tour

A 1-2-3 approach that walks users through basic functionality within the Assemble Grid. Getting started is now easier and faster.
For more information on Guided Tour, please read our article "Guided Tour".

Favorite Views

When you have found a Smart Filters setting that you want to come back to or share, favorite views will let you do just that.
For more information on Favorite Views, please read our article "Working with Views in Assemble".

Project Access Security

Control who has access to your project by assigning admin and user rights that you select.
For more information on Project Access Security, please read our article "Managing Project and User Security in Assemble".


Multi-Select & Summation in the Grid

Select specific items to mass edit properties or see a quick summation of the quantities within the Assemble Grid.
For more information on Multi-Select and Summation, please read our article "Mass Edit and Summation of Model Data".

Improved Variance Reporting

Do you need more than just the variance of the default unit of measure? You can now add additional columns while in the Compare mode within Assemble. Additionally, you can choose to only see the element types that are reporting a variance between model versions. 

For more information on Variance Reporting, please see the topic "Comparing Data from Multiple Models".    

Export to Excel or Navisworks Search Sets With or Without Instances

To optimize the Excel report for estimation needs or to reduce the file size of your Navisworks search set file, you now have the option to include or exclude the Instance IDs.


For more information on Exporting, please see our topic "Sharing Model Data with the Project Team".



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