Release Notes for December 11, 2013 Upgrade

Enhancements Added

Save Image from Viewer

Quickly save a JPG image of your current view within the Model Viewer by using the [S] keyboard shortcut. 

To learn more about Working with the Model Viewer, click here.

RGB Values for Color Overrides

When applying a color override to an object or objects in the Grid or in the Model Viewer, RGB values (#, #, #) can manually be entered in lieu of picking a color from the palette or spectrum. Values can be copied and pasted into the RGB field.

To learn more about Color Coding in the Assemble Model Viewer, click here.


Email Notifications

 Users will be notified by email for any of the following conditions:

      • A new user added to an Assemble site will receive notification when the account is set up and active for the first time.
      • Assemble Administrators will receive notification when a new project has been created (this only applies to users marked as an Administrator).
      • A user added to a project will receive notification indicating which project he/she has been added to (this does not apply to Assemble Administrators as they are automatically members of all projects).
      • All members of a project will receive an email notification when a new model version has been published to the shared project.

With the release of email notifications, all users currently active within Assemble will be automatically set to receive email notifications. To change your email preference, access your account page in Assemble and un-check the option to Notify me via email of important project and site activity.

To learn more about Email Notifications, click here.


Bugs Addressed

Issue:  Grid collapses after editing expanded values.

Resolution:  Grid will remain expanded until user chooses to collapse line items.


Issue:  Curtain panel ghosts (0 SF) were allowed in with our stacked walls enhancement.

Resolution:  Ghosted curtain panels will not appear in Assemble.


Issue:  Site pads were not publishing to Assemble; instead, site pads were classified as topography.

Resolution:  Site pads are now published to a separate category called Pads.


Issue:  Users still seeing "orphan code" after editing the Assembly Code when the assembly code contained a leading zero (02450).

Resolution:  Assembly codes with leading zeros will respect the leading zero and once the field is saved, will not append to a code without the zero, and in turn will no longer be orphaned.

General Notes

When using Internet Explorer, users have been automatically directed to install Google Chrome Frame. Users will no longer be directed to install Chrome Frame as Google will be ceasing support of Chrome Frame for IE. You can use Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, 9 or 10 with the Google Chrome Frame plug-in, which requires no administration privileges to install; however, we recommend you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, where possible.



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