Release Notes for January 21, 2014 Upgrade

Enhancements Added

Filter Zooming

 By applying a filter or a saved view with a filter, the Model Viewer will zoom and center on the object(s) remaining in the Grid. To zoom back out to the entire model, click the Home icon or use the keyboard shortcut (H).


Bugs Addressed

Issue:  Filters not valid with a model version produces an error.

Resolution:  Filters that are not valid with a model version will be applied, and may result in an absence of visible data in the Grid due to the applied filter.


Issue:  Model flickers or disappears.

Resolution:  Improvements have been made to rendering within the Model Viewer and models should no longer flicker or disappear.


Issue:  Initial rendering of the model in the Model Viewer is not going to the Home view.

Resolution:  Improvements have been made to rendering within the Model Viewer and will center the model in a position that would be attained by activating the Home key (H).


General Notes

1.  In preparation for advanced security and usability enhancements, modifications have been made to the initial publish of a model. When logging in, you will need to enter your server name, and then click Continue.

a.  For your server name, you can enter the prefix to or you can enter the entire name, such as


b.  After entering the server name, you will be directed to the log-in window. Enter the email and password credentials you use to log into the web-based Assemble application, and then click Sign In.


2.  When logging into the web application, the option to Keep me logged in is no longer available.


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