Release Notes for January 30, 2014 Upgrade

Bugs Addressed

Issue:  Old saved views utilizing filters (particularly assembly code filters) with incorrect operators, such as equals (=) instead of IS, cause an error and cannot be viewed.

Resolution:  Filters have been modified to the proper operator. For example, if a filter previously contained a filter where Assembly Code = 22000, the filter has been corrected to Assembly Code is 22000.


Issue:  Attempting to edit a line item from a saved view results in an error.

Resolution:  This bug was around assembly codes with leading zeros, in relation to older saved views. A fix has been applied to change assembly codes, treated as orphans, to proper, legitimate assembly codes.


Issue:  Assemble is timing out.

Resolution:  A change has made to the processes running behind the scenes, enabling the time-out trigger to function properly.


Issue:  Scripts error when publishing models from a x64 Vista machine.

Resolution:  Assemble now supports publishing models from a computer running a Vista operating system. 


Issue:  Filtering object from grid using details pane filters object from grid but not from viewer, until page is refreshed.

Resolution:  Grid will refresh after applying a filter, allowing objects to be filtered from the grid when called out in a filter.

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