Release Notes for March 12, 2014 Upgrade

Assemble Systems will be performing an upgrade of Assemble on Wednesday, March 12th, 2014, from 8:00 PM-2:00 AM CDT. During this time frame, the Assemble web application may be unavailable for brief periods. 

Users will be required to update the add-in for Revit and AutoCAD. Please download and install the new add-in by clicking here or navigating to

Bugs Addressed 

Issue:  Time-out error when publishing.

Resolution:  Time-out setting for Assemble service has been reset.


Issue:  Error when syncing, stating, "The size necessary to buffer the XML content exceeded the buffer quota."

Resolution:  Adjusted the buffer quota. Please note that models with considerable instances and parameters may take as long to sync as it takes to publish, and in some cases, even longer. This is due to matching instances to instances, and then comparing and modifying the parameters of those instances. To assist with this pain point, we will be introducing the ability to sync to Revit from an Assemble view, in lieu of syncing all of the model data back to Revit.


Issue:  Custom parameters are not syncing back to Revit.

Resolution:  Adjustments have been made to the properties mapping scheme to accept edited custom parameters.


Issue:  The "Save or Discard Changes" window appears when changes have not been made in the Properties Manager.

Resolution:  Adjustments have been made to the database migration.


Issue:  Filter definition arguments with the quote ( " ) symbol convert to " and fail to work or quote ( " ) symbol causes an error in the grid.

Resolution:  Fix has been applied to the filter definition UI.


Issue:  Model does not load in the Model Viewer.

Resolution:  The failure of your model loading in the Viewer is caused by a file corruption during the publishing process.

  • Files corrupted during the publishing process will need to be republished as the "out-of-bounds" geometry acceptance has been fixed in the add-in.
  • Files corrupted during rendering will not need to be republished as checks have been added to the code to prevent "out-of-bounds" values. 


Issue:  Selecting certain types of stairs causes an error.

Resolution:  Affected parameters have been addressed.





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