Release Notes for April 22, 2014 Upgrade

Assemble Systems will be performing an upgrade of Assemble on Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014, from 7:00 PM-1:00 AM CDT. During this time frame, the Assemble web application may be unavailable for brief periods. 

Users will not be required to update the add-in for Revit and AutoCAD. 

Enhancements Added

Zoom to Point

Improved navigation in the Viewer! Zoom to Point will allow you to zoom in to and out from your cursor location when using your mouse scroll wheel.

Simply allow your mouse cursor to hover where you want to zoom, and then zoom in and out using the scroll wheel.

Password Strength

Have you experienced security concerns? Rest assured! Assemble will now require a secure password, meeting the following criteria:

      • Contain at least 8 characters
      • Contain at least 1 lower case letter
      • Contain at least 1 special character (!, #, -, _, etc.)
      • Contain at least 1 number

When logging in to Assemble for the first time after password strength has been implemented, users will be directed to the Change Password form to change to a compliant password, unless the password already meets the password strength criteria.


Refactored Viewer

Have you been dealing with models that have excessive amounts of furniture, but you don't really need to see all of that furniture in Assemble? With the refactored viewer changes, we are able to ease the pain.

With the new Viewer changes, furniture will also be filtered out automatically from the Grid and Viewer. Furniture is still published, but it is not downloaded until the furniture filter is deleted. As furniture is not downloaded until the furniture filter is deleted, you will not see furniture in ghosted mode as you see Detail Items, which are also automatically filtered out of the Viewer and Grid.

Assemble Systems support can apply this behavior to any other category that causes poor performance of the Assemble Model Viewer. Please contact or call 855-646-4868, Ext. 2.


1. When comparing model versions, when a grouping does not apply to both version, the grouping will not be applied.

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