Release Notes for July 15, 2014 Upgrade

Assemble Systems will be performing an upgrade of Assemble on Tuesday, July 15, 2014.  

Users will not be required to update the add-in for Revit and AutoCAD. 

Features & Enhancements Added

Improved Excel Export

We've made a few improvements to the formatting of the Excel export.

    • Pick-list options (enumerations) for properties that have pick-list values in Assemble will be available in Excel. Look-up values, such as Assembly Codes, will not be look-up values in the Excel file.
    • Excel worksheet will not be Protected, by default. With this modification, be sure you know which cells can be edited for import into Assemble.
    • Processing time for Excel exports will be drastically improved.
    • Quantity column values will be rounded to 2 decimal places (hundredths).
    • Quantity column values will have bold text (as seen in earlier versions of Excel exports).
    • Rows 1 through 4 will be "frozen" so headers do not scroll.
    • Borders set to All, Black, and Thin.


    • "Description" column width set to 75 and wrapped text.
    • Page size set to 11 X 17 with Narrow page margins.
    • Page orientation set to Landscape.
    • Print page order set to over, and then down.


Improved Excel Import Log File

We've made a few improvements to the information presented in the import log.

    • The Excel Import log file will show the "Old Value", in addition to the "New value".
    • Import log will specify whether the Source ID is a Type or Instance property change.



1.  Resolved issue around Save View button being disabled after working in Variance mode.

2.  Link to reset password, from within add-in, has been restored.

3.  Type and instance string parameters for Rooms, Spaces, Detail Items, and Furniture are available with filters.

4.  Improved Excel export performance.

5.  Changing a column's width will not sort the grid data based on the column you are modifying. To sort the grid by your desired column, click on the column header.

6.  Metric conversions for structural framing and structural columns have been updated.

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