Release Notes for February 6, 2015

Assemble Systems will be performing maintenance beginning on Friday, February 6, beginning at 8:00 PM CST. Your Assemble site may be unavailable for up to four (4) hours this evening. The maintenance will continue through Saturday, February 7, with another brief outage around 1:00 PM CST. Maintenance will conclude before 5:00 PM CST. Between outages, users may experience latency in the performance of the web application.

The add-in for Revit and AutoCAD will need to be upgraded to communicate with the web service. The new add-in can be downloaded at


1. The Assemble Add-in will honor Workset visibility settings in Revit when publishing to Assemble. Worksets that are turned off for a particular view will not be published to Assemble, when opting to Filter using current view's visibility/graphics overrides.

2.  Improvement to the performance within Assemble when publishing multiple linked models as merged models.

3.  General overall performance improvements to the Assemble web application when handling large models. Improvements are applied to both the Grid and Model Viewer.


1.  Keyboard keys that provide motion for the Viewer were also affecting the Columns and Group By dialogue windows. This behavior has been resolved.

2.  Color overrides were not being applied to a model when one version of the model was published separately and was compared to another version of the model that was a merged model (multiple linked Revit models merged into one Assemble model). This behavior has been resolved.

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