Release Notes for February 16, 2015

Assemble Systems will be performing an upgrade on Monday, February 16, beginning at 8:00 PM CST. Your Assemble site may be unavailable for up to two (2) hours this evening. 

This upgrade is for the web application only. A new add-in will not be required.


1.  Issue: Grouping by 3 or more tiers caused mismatched columns in Excel export. Status: Resolved

2.  Issue: Switching variance versions can cause the variance filters to show a count of zero although the grid and viewer reflect otherwise. Status: Resolved

3.  Issue: Naviworks search sets are not working properly in Navisworks when exporting from Assemble WITHOUT including instances. Status: Resolved

4.  Issue: Filtering an object from the viewer adds a filter but does not remove the object from the viewer when models are published as one merged model. Status: Resolved

5.  Issue: Limited properties in Assemble when models are published as one merged model. Status: Resolved

6.  Issue: Saving a grouping with URL and Category Name produces an error and grid will not load. Status: Resolved

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