Release Notes for August 19, 2014 Upgrade

Assemble Systems will be performing an upgrade of Assemble on Tuesday, August 19th, 2014. During this time, the Assemble web application may be unavailable for brief periods. If you need access to your Assemble site during this time, please let us know and we can make other arrangements. 

Users will be required to update the add-in for Revit and AutoCAD. 

Features & Enhancements Added

Walk Mode in the Model Viewer

The Assemble model viewer now supports a virtual walk-through of the model! There is no button to push to enable walk mode since it’s enabled by default.  You simply press the right keys to move in the direction you want to go. With this new feature, the model's point of view can change, rather than the model's orientation. 

To learn more about Walk Mode in the Model Viewer, click here.

Orbit Around Point in the Model Viewer

Keyboard commands and mouse controls allow orbiting around a point in the model. 

To orbit in the Viewer, press and hold the left mouse button or select the object, and then drag the mouse. The model will rotate around the mouse pointer location or selected object.

The keyboard commands for orbit include:

CTRL + LEFT ARROW : Rotate (orbit) model left

CTRL + RIGHT ARROW : Rotate (orbit) model right

CTRL + UP ARROW : Rotate (orbit) model down

CTRL + DOWN ARROW : Rotate (orbit) model down

To learn more about Viewer Tools and Icons, click here.

Reset Password from Add-in

With so many passwords for different internet sites, we can sometimes forget which password we've chosen for Assemble. Now passwords can also be reset from within the Add-in, in addition to resetting from the web application.

 reset_password_from_add-in.jpg enter_email_to_change_password.jpg


1.  Saved views utilizing SourceId as a filter cause an error when exporting to Excel. This has been resolved.

2.  When the Add/Remove Columns button or Group By button is selected, before the Grid loads completely, the Columns or Group By dialogue windows can be blank. Once put in this state, the dialogue windows will remain blank until the page is refreshed. To prevent this from occurring, the Group By and Columns buttons will not be available until the Grid has finished loading.

3.  Applying a height filter while in Variance mode caused an error in the Grid. This issue has been resolved.

4.  The Assemble Grid rolled up quantities for some instance properties, when the quantities should not be summed. These properties include:

    • Bottom Elevation
    • Top Elevation
    • Inside Diameter
    • Bend Radius
    • Elevation
    • Height Offset From Level

5.  On large Excel imports, an unexpected error could occur. The issue was caused by the application timing out before Assemble could finish importing the data, due to the volume of data. We resolved the issue by extending the SQL timeout, giving the database more time to work. 

6.  Exporting views to Excel could cause a "Whoops!" page. The issue has been resolved.

7.  Filtering by Metric quantities produced unexpected results in the Grid. This issue was caused by using a rounded value in the filter, as seen in the Grid, when in actuality the value contained a large decimal value. This has been resolved so that the rounded value seen in the Grid will be accepted as a filter value.

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