Release Notes for Assemble Insight, September 22, 2015

New Enhancements:

1.  Federation of models in Assemble Insight.

2.  Comparison of changes between multiple models in Assemble Insight.

3.  Project Inventory in Assemble Insight to see all models and views available for your entire project.

4.  Assemble Insight Model Tree 

5.  Filter and isolate from the grid with Assemble Insight.

6.  Excel export moved "Model Version ID' column to the end of the report, per user requests to "hide" the information.


Known Issues:

1.  Rules created using Required LOD will not be functional for the initial release of Insight.

2.  Custom Excel macros may be affected by the following changes made with the Excel export from Assemble.

a.  "Model Version ID' column to the end of the report, in lieu of being a static column.

b.  With the introduction of multiple model federation, the top rows of the Excel export will list all models including in the export, which will affect the header row, which previously started at row 4.


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