Release Notes for November 18, 2015

New Features!


Aggregated Model Data
Publish models individually or from a linked file. All the data from the model is available from any view in the project. 
Quickly set up views of specific systems, assemblies or objects by using the Model Tree and Selection Bar to hide and unhide objects and models.

To learn more about working with models, click here.

 insight structural.png

Multiple Model Compare
Visibly compare multiple models in one category or multiple categories across a single model. Run consecutive comparisons with the same view.
To learn more about comparing models, click here.
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Model Tree
Display all objects in a project, whether visible or not, by category, family or type name - making it easier to create views of specific data sets. Display instance counts for all objects in the model.
To learn more about the Model Tree, click here.
Model Alignment
Realign models in Assemble using the Model Alignment tool
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