Release Notes for October 20, 2014

Assemble Systems will be performing an upgrade of Assemble on Monday, October 20th, 2014, from 8:00 PM CDT to 1:00 AM CDT. During this time, the Assemble web application may be unavailable for brief periods. 

Users will be required to update the add-in for Revit and AutoCAD. Please download and install the latest add-in from

Features & Enhancements Added

Linked Model Publishing

Assemble now supports publishing linked Revit models to Assemble. When publishing from Revit, the host file and additional linked models can be batch published into individual model folders in Assemble. To learn more about Publishing Projects and Models to Assemble, click here.

    • We strongly recommend using this option, as federation within Assemble will be delivered soon after this release. By publishing the models into separate folders, you will be able to overlay models, as needed, in Assemble, when federation is delivered.

In addition, the host file and additional linked models can be merged into one model in Assemble. This option combines the objects from all models into one model version in Assemble. When using this option, you will be able to filter and group by the File Name. Assemble Systems is aware of some limitations with a very large merged model dataset. Issues can occur when attempting to sync to Revit or export to Excel. Please utilize Saved Views when exporting to Excel or Syncing to Revit, to avoid hitting these limitations.

Both options allow you to filter the published data based on the current Revit view's visibility/graphics settings. To learn more about Utilizing the Visibility/Graphics Settings, click here.

choose_how_to_publish.jpg   processing_models.jpg


1.  When attempting to publish to Assemble, users received a message, "You're using an unsupported browser," when using a mismatched add-in. This has been resolved to inform the user that the add-in is not compatible with the Assemble service.

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