The Administration dashboard is for creating and managing user accounts, configuring email settings in the system and for reviewing subscription terms. Only users with administrative privileges have access to this dashboard.

Managing User Accounts

The Users page lists all of the user profiles that have been created for your Assemble account. Each user record displays the user’s name, email address, whether the user is an Administrator, and when the user last logged in to Assemble. On the Users page, you can create a new user, make a user an Administrator, deactivate users, and reactivate users.

Assemble has 3 permission levels: Administrator, Project Administrator and Team Member. For a detailed description of user permissions, click here.

In order to access the web-based Assemble application or to publish a model from an authoring tool, a person must first have an Assemble account. An Assemble Administrator at your organization must first create the user account, and the user must then accept the invitation and sign in to the account to access Assemble or publish models.

Create a New User:

  1. Click  located in the upper-right corner of the application.
  2. Click Users from the left-side navigation links.
  3. Click the  button.
  4. Enter the following information:
      • Enter the user’s name.
      • Enter the user’s email address.
      • Check the Administrator check box if the user should have administrative privileges. If the Administrator check box is not checked, the user will need to be manually assigned to projects. To learn more about assigning users to projects, review section 03 Creating Projects.
  1.  The user will receive an email notification, allowing access to the Assemble site.
  2.  The user will sign in to Assemble.
      • The first-time user will be directed to an Assemble sign-in page, where the user will be prompted to create a password and complete his/her account setup.
      • A user with an existing user profile for Assemble should opt to sign In rather than creating a new password, by clicking the blue Sign In link located at the bottom the the sign-in window. Enter the email and password used with your Assemble user profile, and then click Sign in.
      • After signing in, the user will receive a welcome email with access to download and install the add-in for Revit, AutoCAD MEP. AutoCAD Architecture, and Civil 3D.

Grant Administration Rights:

  1.  On the Users page, click on the user name.
  2.  Update the Administrator check-box as needed.
  3.  Click Save.

Deactivate a User Profile:

When you deactivate a user account, the user is unable to access the system but the user’s information remains in the system.

  1.  On the Users page, next to the user’s name, click Deactivate.
  2.  Assemble dims the color of the record. The record will remain accessible should you need to change the user’s profile information or reactivate it.

Reactivate a User:

When you reactivate a user account, the user regains access to the system.

  1.  On the Users page, next to the user’s name, click Activate.


Viewing the Assemble License

The Licensing page will show the license expiration, number of licensed users permitted, number of licensed projects permitted, and the license type.

Review Licensing:

  1. Click  located in the upper-right corner of the application.
  2. Click Licensing from the left-side navigation links.
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