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The Model Tree provides an easy way to navigate, select and change the visibility of models and their objects in a project with multiple models and various states of visibility. The Model Tree displays all models and objects visible in the Project, and more importantly, the models and objects that are not currently visible. Objects in the Model Tree are organized by Category Name, Family Name and Type Name. Instances are not displayed in the model tree, but can be selected from the Inventory or Viewer.

To Turn The Models On or Off

By clicking on the toggle button next to each model, you can turn the models on on.JPG or turn them off thoroughly off.JPGTurning off the model will make that model disappear completely and you will not see any of the instances from that model, even in the ghosted mode. If the model is toggled on, you can make changes to the visibility to the categories, families and types within that model.


To Select Objects and Change Visibility using the Model Tree:

  1. Select an object or multiple objects from the Model Tree check boxes. Notice the Selection Bar appears with a quantity summary of the objects selected (or item count for multi-category selection) and your selection displays in both the Model Inventory (highlighted in yellow) and the Model Viewer (highlighted in blue).
  2. Click on Change Visibility in the Selection Bar.
  3. Choose either Hide Selection or Hide Others from the Selection Bar to take action on the items selected. Unhide Selection will only be active if the objects selected are currently hidden (indicated by a strikethrough).

NOTE: While your objects are selected in the model tree, choose Inspect from the Selection Bar to open the Properties Panel.

How to Read the Model Tree:

Model Tree is arranged by Models > Categories > Families > Types.

  • Nodes with Strikethrough text have no visible objects displayed
  • Nodes with Grey text have at least an instance not visible
  • Nodes with Black text have all objects visible

Only those objects visible are displayed in instance counts next to the category, family or type name (2/345).

Notes Regarding the Model Tree:

  • Excel imports will not update instances for models that are toggled off.
  • Models that are toggled off will still be visible in the "Alignment" panel.
  • Model Tree is arranged by Models > Categories > Families > Types.
    • CAD models are arranged by Models > Categories > Types. Family Name is not valid for CAD models. 
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