Project Settings

1.  Access the Project Settings by clicking the Edit Project button located on the Project Inventory page.

2.  Members can be assigned to the project. Assemble has 3 permission levels: Administrator, Project Administrator and Team Member. For a detailed description of user permissions, click here.

3.  Manage Assembly Codes associated with your project. Assemble uses the 2010 version of UniFormat codes by default. Manage Assembly Codes allows you to import your own custom assembly code file, export the default or custom assembly code file, and revert from a custom file to the default assembly code list. To learn more about Managing Assembly Codes, click here

4.  Project Units can be set as Imperial or Metric. Your desired option will apply to all units of measure for your project and are universal for all members of your project. Project Units can be changed at any time. To learn more about Project Units, click here.

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