Setting Up Your Account

Before you get started with Assemble, review the following steps to get your computer setup.

Do you have a compatible web browser installed?
  • Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for best performance. If you use Internet Explorer, please review the limitations on our Support Pages.
Have you checked our hardware specifications?
  • Review our minimum and recommended requirements for your computer, click here.
Does your operating system meet our requirements?
  • Assemble provides English Version Support Only
  • Windows Vista (64 bit) Enterprise, Ultimate, Business, or Home Premium edition (SP2 or higher)
  • Windows 7 (64 bit) Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate edition (SP1 or higher)
  • Windows 8 (64 bit)
 Did you install the Assemble Add-in?
  • Only one person on the project team needs to publish the models to Assemble. If you will be publishing you should install the Assemble Add-in. If not, skip to the next question.
  • If you plan to publish models from your computer, you need to install the Add-in. One install loads the Add-in for Autodesk® Revit®, Revit MEP®, Revit Structural®, AutoCAD Architecture®, AutoCAD MEP®, and Civil 3D®. You can download and install the add-in at:
  • Make sure all Autodesk products are closed prior to install the Assemble Add-in.

Computer is Set Up

Follow the steps below to Log in to Assemble. You will need to have an Assemble Administrator add you to Assemble prior to the next steps.

1 Check your email
  • New users will receive an email notification allowing access to an Assemble site. These emails are generated via the member within your organization that has been identified as your Assemble Administrator.
2 Sign in to Assemble
  • First time user? From your email, you will be directed to an Assemble sign-in page, where you will be prompted to create a password, adhereing to your organizations password requirements, and then accept the invitation by clicking Create your account.
  • Already have an Assemble Profile? If you have an existing profile for Assemble you should opt to sign In by clicking the blue Sign In link located at the bottom the the sign-in window. Enter your email and password used with your Assemble user profile and then click Sign in.
3 Check your email again and click on link
  • After signing in, you will receive a welcome email. Click on the link in your email to navigate to your Assemble site to log in.

You Are Logged In

It is just a few more steps to setup your user profile. Click on the user icon on the top-right corner of the Assemble web application to modify your profile, including editing your name, email, password and your preference for activity email notifications.

Edit your Profile

To edit your profile when logged into Assemble, click on Getting Started Profile Icon in the upper-right corner of the Project Dashboard and select the Account option.

  1. To change the user Name, enter a new name in the field and click Save.
  2. To change the Email associated with your account, enter a new email in the field and clickSave.
  3. To permit or decline email notifications of project and site activity, check or uncheck the check box for Notify me via email of important project and site activity.

To change your password when logged into Assemble, click on Getting Started Profile Icon in the upper-right corner of the Project Dashboard and select the Change Password option.

  1. Enter your new password.
  2. Re-enter your new password.
  3. Click Change Password to save your new password or Cancel to keep your existing password and return to the Project Dashboard.
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