Release Notes for December 22, 2015

Assemble Systems will be performing an upgrade on Tuesday, December 22nd, beginning at 8:00 PM CST. Your Assemble site may be unavailable for up to six (6) hours from that time.

This upgrade is for the web application but a new add-in is also being released. Upgrading to the new add-in is strongly recommended, but connections from the old Add-In will continue to be accepted for a period of time.


1. Modifications to the formula for “Weight by Length” for structural columns and structural framing categories in Revit only.

Modifications to the formula are highlighted in bold text:

If we find the object has the Wt property, then Wt(lbs/ft)*L(ft)/2000 = W(T) , where T = Tons.
Else, we look for M property (since we store all quantities in our reference units, we convert M to lbs/ft). M(kg/m)*L(m)/1000 = W(t) , t = Tonnes.

If we don’t find Wt or M we look for W and the UOM that Length is in. If Length is in M, then we assume W is kg/M, and calculate as W(kg/m)*L(m)/1000 = W(t), otherwise we assume W is lbs/ft and calculate W(lbs/ft)*L(ft)/2000 = W(T).

2. Export comparison views to Navisworks Search Sets is now supported.
3. Add-in component now works with a proxy server. Customers with a proxy server can now configure the Add-In to use one during the normal installation files, without the need for .config file changes.
4. Add-in no longer augments Revit config file. Autodesk has committed to making changes in Revit and AutoCAD that will require changes to the way some Add-Ins are installed. This new Assemble Add-In works with existing versions of Revit and AutoCAD and will also support later versions with these upcoming changes from Autodesk.


1. Issue: Excel import is importing data into the wrong columns. Status: Resolved

2. Issue: Exporting to Navisworks without including instances breaks search set. Status: Resolved

3. Issue: Cannot save changes when <multiple values> exist for Unit Cost field. Status: Resolved

4. Issue: Tooltips in the viewer for a variance are not accurately reflecting Type changes. Status: Resolved

5. Issue: Under certain conditions, model tree becomes out of synch with deselected items. Status: Resolved

6. Issue: Saved views in Metric don’t load if project is switched to Imperial. Status: Resolved

7. Issue: Model comparison shows Type changes but doesn’t appear that it actually changed. Status: Resolved

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