Project Inventory

After publishing your project to Assemble, the Project Inventory displays links to all project models and saved views.  

1.  Edit Project allows you to change the settings for the project. To learn more about project settings, click here.

2.  Use the Search Box to narrow the list of Views on the Project Inventory Page. Start typing the name of a View or Model to narrow the list of views and models displayed on the Project Inventory page.

3.  Default Model Views make it easy to navigate directly to the contents of the most current version of a model at any time. Most Assemble customers start their work with a Model View and then create Saved Views particular to their workflow or based on the specific information they want to see every time they return to a project.

4.  Model Settings provide access to renaming a model, deleting a model, and deleting a model version.

5.  Sort views by view name in alphabetical order or by the model that the view is associated with (default). 

6.  View Settings provide access to renaming a view and deleting a view.

7.  View cards provide quick access to a desired custom view. Views are user defined inventories of objects created from a single model or multiple models. Many customers use Assemble to create views of objects by schedule, bid package, WBS, activity ID or by work installed. To learn more about creating saved views, click here.

8.  View headings identify the model(s) that the view is associated with. Views with multiple models are organized first under the Multiple Model heading. Headings for all other model name that have views associated with them are then listed in alphabetical order.

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