Ping Identity with Assemble

The Assemble Systems log in process now permits the use of external identity providers for authentication through Ping Identity.  Once an organization or user’s domain has been mapped to Ping Identity within Assemble, their email/domain information will automatically be utilized to facilitate access. At this time, only Assemble support can modify domain/Ping Identity linkages.

Logging into Assemble with a Ping Identity account

Accessing Assemble for the first time will require moving through the invitation process. Once a new user account has been created on a customers site, that user will receive an email with an “Accept the Invitation” link. Clicking this link and proceeding through the remaining process is required to successfully complete the setup of the new account.

If the account has been setup with an email domain that is mapped to Ping Identity, the user is automatically routed to Ping to input their credentials. Following successful login to Ping, the user is automatically routed to the main Projects landing page for their organization and an acceptance confirmation email is sent.  

Subsequent log ins will either happen automatically while a token is active or simply route the user to Ping Identity to complete the process of signing back into Assemble.

 In the case an organization’s domain is mapped to Ping Identity, the initial log in screen prompts users to authenticate using Ping.  

Logging out of Assemble with a Ping Identity account

At this time, Assemble does not delete or modify any Ping sessions.  Therefore, logging out of Assemble does not log the user out of Ping.  It is the user’s responsibility to manage logging out of other applications.

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