Email Notifications

Assemble provides email notifications for the following conditions:

  • A new user has been added to an Assemble site
  • A user has been added to a project
  • A new project is created
  • A new model version has been published
  • A user requests a password reset

Users can change their own email preference from their user profile page. Email notifications will be sent to active users only, with the exception of new users added to an Assemble site.

Note:  Users initiating the task(s) will not receive notifications.

New User Added to Assemble Site

A new user added to an Assemble site will receive an email notification when the user profile has been created. 

After creating a private password and signing in, or logging in with an existing user profile, another email notification will be delivered to the new user with a link to download the Assemble add-in for Revit and AutoCAD.

Assemble Administrators are the only individuals that can create new users. To learn more about Adding Users to Assemble, click here

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New Team Member Added to Project

A user added to a project will receive notification indicating which project he/she has been added to (this does not apply to Assemble Administrators as they are automatically members of all projects). The user adding a user to a project will not receive notification, nor will any other project member except the one added.


New Project Added to Assemble Site

Assemble Administrators will receive notification when a new project has been created (this only applies to users marked as an Administrator). The Assemble Administrator creating the project will not receive notification that a new project has been created.


New Model Version Published

Members of a project will receive an email notification when a new model version has been published to the shared project. The user publishing a new model version will not receive notification that a new version has been published.



Password Reset Notification

After requesting a new password from the sign in screen, an email will be sent to the email address in Assemble that is associated with the user.

To learn more about Working with Your User Profile, click here



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