Sync everything


1.  Open your model in Revit that corresponds with the model data in Assemble to be synced.

2.  Select the Assemble tab, and then select the option to Sync.


3.  Select your project.

4.  Select your model.

5.  From the How would you like to sync? window, select the radio button next to Sync everything.


6.  Verify your selection from the About to sync everything window, and then click the Yes, Sync Now button, or hit Cancel to end the command.


7.  Once the updates have been successfully applied, click the Close button to close the Sync dialogue window or click View Log to see an audit of the properties and elements that were modified using the Sync feature.

Note:  Be sure to save your model to keep the applied edits. If you decide to remove the applied edits, use the Undo command in Revit.


8.  The Log file will indicate what version in Assemble the information was synced from, each element or type identified by its ID, the parameter that was modified, and the previous and updated values.


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