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View Imports allows users to add views created in another project to the current project, getting to trusted inventory more efficiently.

Assemble allows the user to save views in Assemble after customizing the organization of the data. Saved views in Assemble improve efficiency and standards of your workflow, and are crucial for syncing data back to Revit. A saved view can explicitly mandate what is synced back to Revit. An example of using views for this purpose is illustrated at the end of this document.

Also, a saved view can act as a project template for takeoffs and schedules, which in turn can be incorporated into other projects, without having to reinvent the wheel.

From the Project Inventory page, select the Import View button. Scroll through or search for the project containing the view(s) to be copied over to the current project, and click Next.

Click the check box next to each view from each model that should be imported, and then click Next.

Finally, decide where the views should be categorized. From each drop-down option under the model name, select a suitable location to store the view within your current project's model discipline and/or type. After matching model destinations, click Import.

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