Release Notes for August 16, 2016



Selection Box for Viewer 

Multi-select objects in the Viewer with the new selection box by using the right-click button on your mouse.

  • Use the right-click mouse button to drag the selection box from lower-right to top-left to select all objects touched by the selection box.
  • Use the right-click mouse button to drag the selection box from top-left to lower-right to select all objects fully contained within the selection box.

To learn more about selecting objects in the Viewer, click here.

Consolidated Source ID Rules

To improve performance, especially regarding saved views and instance-based rules, we have re-designed the product to consolidated instance-based rules.  

When using the selection bar to change visibility, the instances selected or deselected will be consolidated into one visibility rule. These rules are treated as "search sets" that can be quickly deleted to refresh your inventory, as well as provide a cleaner interface for Visibility Settings and greatly improve performance.

To learn more about rules, click here. To learn more about changes to the visibility selection bar, click here.

Issues addressed:

1. After using a "Hide All" rule, user is unable to "Unhide" from the Model Tree. This issue has been resolved.

2. Publishing performance is greatly improved with the new add-in (version 3.0.1605), which resolves the issue of publisher lag when the user's focus is not on Revit.

3. Performance improvements when opening and viewing large models in Assemble.


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