Selection Bar: Change Visibility

1. The Change Visibility section of the Selection Bar allows you to "show" or "hide" objects from the inventory and 3D viewer. The Selection Bar is visible when objects are selected from the Model Tree, Inventory, 2D Sheets or 3D Viewer. 

  • Hide, Hide Others, and Unhide should be used for editing properties, and should not be used for creating rules for saved views.
  • Use the Create a Rule option to apply your filtered objects to a saved view.

2. Hide allows you to temporarily hide the objects currently selected, leaving all other objects visible.

3. Hide Others allows you to temporarily hide all objects not currently selected, and show only objects selected.

4. Unhide allows you to show categories, families, or types hidden (crossed out) from the model tree.

5. Create a Rule allows you to create selection-based rules matching your currently selected properties, in lieu of instance-based selections.

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