Installing the Assemble Add-in

1. Download the Assemble add-in from

2. Once downloaded, double-click the add-in to run.

3. Follow the "Next" prompt to "Destination Folder" window.

4. You will need to determine from your IT department if your company uses a Proxy Server.

a. If your company does not use a proxy server, click "Next" to continue and proceed to step 11 in this document.

b. If your company does use a proxy server, request the proxy address from your IT department, and continue to step 5 in this document.

5. Click the "Set Proxy" button.

6. Specify the proxy address and port in the form of http://proxy.server:port.

7. Open File Explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files\Assemble Systems\Assemble\Add-Ins.

8. Open the assemble.connections.config file.

9. REMOVE proxyAddress="yourproxydomain: port" from the two lines of code where it is used.

10.  CHANGE useDefaultWebProxy from "false" to "true"in the two lines of code where it is used.

11. Save the file.

12. Click "Install" to run the installation, and "Finish" once the installation is complete.


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