Release Notes for December 13, 2016



Now you can have the Assemble viewer inside Procore.

View your project viewer and inventory inside your managed projects in Procore.

The integration with Procore is available to Procore users and will be enabled within Assemble upon request. Please contact to enable this feature.


Add a Shared View

To send shared views to your projects in Procore, you will first need to create a saved view in Assemble. To learn more about creating saved views, click here.

Once your view is active and ready to be sent to Procore, click on the  button.

Toggle on Share outside of Assemble.

You can choose to send only the 3D model view to Procore or the 3D model view and the corresponding inventory for the view. You will be able to navigate and select in the viewer inside Procore, and to see ghosted (hidden) geometry but you’ll be unable to explore that geometry.

With either the Viewer Only or Viewer and Inventory views, in Procore you will not be able to utilize the Properties panel available in Assemble, nor have access to the Model Tree and Visibility Settings, Grouping tool, or Column picker tool. End users will see the inventory and geometry exactly as you present it.

In Procore, locate your project and select the Assemble tab. Click on Add Assemble Views to add your saved views from Assemble.

Select the project in Assemble to correspond with your Procore project. Note that only the projects containing shared views will be listed, and each project will list only the views that have been tagged to share in Procore.


Select the view or views that you would like to include as a Procore Project Document, and click Add.


Remove a Shared View

To remove a shared view from Assemble, click the button from your Assemble model inventory page, and then toggle off Share outside of Assemble. You'll need to delete the model view from Procore, as well.



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