Release Notes for August 28, 2018

Assemble Systems will have an outage between 8:00 PM and midnight CDT, on the evening of Tuesday, August 28th. During this time, your Assemble site will be offline. Updating your add-in is required in this release. You can download the latest version of the add-in here after the release.

Updates to Assemble Web Platform

More Data Types for Assemble Properties

In addition to text-based Assemble properties, you now have the ability to create Assemble Properties that include Date/Times, Area, Count, Flow, Length, Temperature, Volume, Voltage, Wattage, Weight, Currency, and Angle. With many of the new property types that hold numeric quantities you will also be able to select the units used to enter and view them.

Grouping Assemble Properties

Assemble is now capable of grouping Assemble Properties in the Properties panel. By grouping Assemble Properties, you will have better organization in your list of Assemble Properties. It also makes it easier for the teams to separate their list of Assemble Properties by trade.

Publishing from 2019 Authoring Tools

Now, you are able to publish models from Revit and AutoCAD 2019. Updating the add-in is required for publishing after this release. Click here to download the latest version of the Assemble add-in.

Enhancements in 2D Sheets

2D sheet publishing from Revit has been updated to be both faster and more reliable including support for large embedded images and better handling of larger numbers of sheets.

In addition, you may be able to speed publishing up even more by configuring Revit to export sheets faster. Follow the instructions in this article to modify your Revit.ini file. Check here for more information on configuring Revit exporting. For further assistance, please contact

Updates to Assemble Mobile Platform


Assemble Timeline feature is now available to all mobile app users. You can connect your project schedule to the 3D objects in Assemble and create a timeline for the project. You can use date ranges to create timelines. Timeline feature is accessible from the inventory header in any view.

You can also select a secondary date property when setting up the timeline to view the items in progress. Additionally, you can Inspect Objects task within a selected time period.

Hide Others

Hide Others feature is now available in mobile app. You can use the Inventory options button or viewer popup menu to access the Hide Others task. All unselected objects will be hidden instantly. This feature reduces the need to pre-create saved views for mobile.

Ghost Mode

Ghost mode is now enabled by default for objects hidden using Hide, Hide Others, and the Timeline.

Hidden Items Filter

After this release, whenever objects are hidden, the filter button will appear in the Inventory header as an indicator that objects are being filtered and also as a quick way to restore visibility.

Improvements to the inventory

Unexpanded groups now show an indicator in the inventory. The inventory is now, by default, expanded to show up to but not including the item type groupings.

Improvements to 3D Orbiting

Touching and dragging on an object will use the point of contact as the rotation point. Previously, the camera target was being used and this resulted in some unpredictable behavior depending on how the camera was set up.

Support for More Assemble Properties Data Types

The new data types of Assemble Properties coming into the web platform are fully supported in the mobile app.


If you have any questions or concerns about this release, please contact

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